The Possum & The Dierks!


Imagine showing up at a party wearing the same bib overalls as George Jones. Embarrassing, right?

Well, if you’re country star Dierks Bentley, and the party in question is a “Hee Haw” themed bash thrown by fellow star John Rich, the odds of that happening increase dramatically.

Seems Rich threw a recent 38th birthday party for himself at his Nashville home (he tweeted afterward about being awakened the next morning by a rooster crowing—inside the house, but we digress) and decided on a “Hee Haw” theme, which meant, according to Bentley, “all the guys had to wear overalls and all the girls had to wear Daisy Dukes.”

Bentley was excited about the theme, telling One Country, “I grew up watching ‘Hee Haw.’ I never missed an episode.

“John Rich always has the greatest parties,” continues Bentley, who was particularly thrilled the see invited guest and bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley perform at the event. “I guess the reason why [he was invited] was the first cassette [Rich] every bought when he was eight years old was Ralph Stanley,” he says.

Bentley found himself seated next to Jones on a hale bale in the front row watching Stanley perform. As it happened, Bentley and Jones were wearing the exact same overalls, but Bentley (who says he owned his pair long before the party) thinks that’s not as much of a coincidence as it may sound.

“Liberty is really the only brand,” he says. “Back in the early days of hanging out with all those bluegrass guys, they always wore Liberty overalls. That’s the only brand I’ve ever owned when it comes to overalls. You’ve gotta have Liberty with the green tag on the front.”

Bentley didn’t miss an opportunity to get a snap of his meeting with Jones, and says he’s so happy with it he’s made it his screen saver. “It may be my favorite picture of all time,” he says. “Any spent time talking to the Possum or being around him is precious.”


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