A New Home For Ashlyn

 For the last few months I had been trying to find a home for a blind Beagle named Ashlyn. She was a dog that, like so many others, found herself at the Jonesboro Animal Control facilities. I don't know why but something about Ashlyn touched my heart. I don't know if it was her special needs or that she was just so cute and innocent. I just knew that I had to find Ashlyn a good home. She needed a home with someone who could be patient and loving. Someone who would take the time to help her learn new surroundings. Hopefully, someone who already had dogs as Ashlyn was more at ease with other dogs around. After a few weeks of making very heart-felt, public pleas on the radio, Facebook, and e-mail, the only nibble we got was from a couple who said they would be my "Plan B" if we couldn't find anyone else for Ashlyn. As the weeks progressed, we couldn't find anyone to take Ashlyn and her time was up at the shelter. In desperation I sent an e-mail to my "Plan B" couple asking if they were still interested. Without hesitation they agreed to take Ashlyn. As it turns out, Nita and Renny Efird are the perfect people for Ashlyn. Not only are they complete dog lovers, they also run a rescue in NW Arkansas for Pugs called "Pugs & Kisses". Nita and Renny also have 6 Pugs of their own including 2 that are blind. It was just meant to be. This past Sunday, May 22nd, Sgt Larry Rogers of Jonesboro Animal Control and I loaded Ashlyn in my truck and drove her to Bebee Arkansas where we met Nita and Renny. Ashlyn took to them immediately. It's almost like she knew Nita and Renny were there to help save her life. They also said they have a network of compassionate people who help deliver deserving dogs to new "forever" homes across the country. Thank God for people like Nita and Renny. What they do is not easy but they do it because they understand dogs are man's greatest companions. They know what it's like to have the love of a dog in your life. For me, it was an opportunity to be a part of something very special. And I learned one very important lesson...."Always have a plan B". Below are Nita and Renny with Ashlyn.
 Below is Phil Jamison with 2 great humans and 1 great dog!
 Below are Nita and Renny Efird, Ashlyn and Sgt Larry Rogers...one of the best people I know. Jonesboro Animal Control, The Jonesboro Police Department and Jonesboro Community are lucky to have a guy like Sgt Rogers dedicated to the better welfare of animals in NE Arkansas. 
 For more information about "Pugs and Kisses" Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas visit www.puglover.petfinder.com  OR emailpugrescuenwa@yahoo.com.

And to adopt or foster a great dog or cat from Jonesboro Animal Control, please call 870-935-3920.