Text E911 in Jonesboro


The City of Jonesboro has teamed with Best Buy and East Arkansas Broadcasters (KFIN, KISS FM, The Wolf, KBTM and KNEA) to spread the word about their new emergency texting service for E911!

What it means is now, in an emergency where you can't make a phone call to 911, you can text Emergency 911 Dispatchers who can then respond to your text to assist you.

Just add 870-882-0911 to your cell phone as 911 Text. In an emergency, when you can not call, you now can text dispatchers.

E911's Jeff Pressley stresses that, while it is another means to contact emergency officials, calling 911 should always be the first choice. If you can't call, however, having this feature could mean the difference in contact vs. no contact with police, fire or other officials.

Very important: The same 911 laws and rules apply. All messages are taken extremely seriously and this service should only be used in an emergency. Those who abuse these laws and the E911 texting system could face serious penalties.