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KFIN's Darryl Worley Meet-n-Greet Winners

KFIN gave away Front Row tickets and Meet n Greet passes to see Darryl Worley at the NE Arkansas District Fair. Here is Frances Cook of Paragould(right) and Dena Crockett(left) with Darryl. Frances is from Darryl's hometown of Savanah, Tn. She's such a big fan, she named her dog "Worley"
KFIN's other ticket and meet-n-greet winners were Alex Altom and Amanda Scudder of Newport. They were just standing outside the gates of the Fair Grandstands when we blindsided them with Front Row seats and Meet-n-Greet passes. They were pumped!!!!
 Darryl Worley trying to talk his way out of a speeding ticket his tour bus got on the way into Jonesboro. I guess he thought posing with a couple of officers would help. A HUGE THANK YOU to all the JBR Police and Sheriff's Department officers for provide security at this year's Fair.  
 Phil & Matt from the KFIN Morning Show with Darryl Worley. He was down to earth, appreciative, and one of the nicest celebrities we've had the chance to meet. Thanks for a great show Darryl!!!