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Taylor Kicks &*%


Taylor Swift is a woman of her word. The 23-year-old invited cancer-stricken teen Kevin McGuire to attend the ACM Awards ceremony last year (after she had to turn down his invitation to his prom because of a scheduling conflict), but his illness unfortunately forced him to cancel the date just two days before the ceremony. The superstar said she would make it up to him -- and made good on her promise by meeting him in Las Vegas before Sunday's (April 7) ACM Awards.

"So the big new is: WE LEAVE SATURDAY FOR THE ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS!" Kevin's family announced on his Facebook page last week. "The president of the award show -- Mr. Romeo -- has been in touch with our family checking on Kevin since his transplant, and invited us a couple months ago! As soon as we land in Vegas we are meeting up with TAYLOR SWIFT! It is great how this all worked out, it truly came full circle; Kevin is fully healthy this year and will be able to enjoy everything! Thank you for being a part of our journey!"

The 19-year-old fan captured several pictures of himself and his immediate family with the "22" singer, and they were able to attend the actual ceremony, as well as enjoy a few backstage moments with Taylor. For Kevin, who is in much better health now, thanks to a bone marrow transplant from his little brother, meeting his musical idol in person was a defining moment.

"Going through what we've been through ... it's symbolic, in a way," he tells CBS News. "It started my chapter with my cancer. Now it's behind me; I can close the book on it."