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If You Don't Already Love Taylor Swift - Read This

Great Story from The Boot:

Taylor Swift has always shown her big heart to fans, but even a surprise sweet gesture at her concert last night (March 22) was enough to catch one little girl, and her family, off-guard.

According to the Facebook page "Prayers for Emma," which is run for 7-year-old Emma, who is suffering from fanconi anemia, a rare blood disorder, Emma had a night to remember during the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer's concert in Charlotte, N.C. Emma not only met Taylor Swift before the show, but she was also brought on stage by the superstar at the end of her song, "Sparks Fly."

Along with pictures and video of Emma's special onstage moment, a post on the Facebook page reads, "[Taylor] pulled [Emma] right out of the audience. Taylor, you are truly a beautiful soul. The kindness in your heart is amazing. Thank you to everyone who made this happen ... Truly remarkable night we will never forget. We are so thankful."

Emma's family says that the young fan was all smiles after the concert.

"Taylor Swift, thank you for making our night by pulling Emma up on stage during 'Sparks Fly,'" another post reads. "You are such a beautiful person. This was a night we will never forget. Emma kept telling me, 'I feel so special tonight.' When we are not promised a tomorrow with our sweet Emma, every moment counts. You gave us memories that will last a lifetime. So grateful tonight, and that she can forget about all of the pain and just be a kid again.

The post adds, "Taylor, we are forever grateful ... Thank you for putting the sparkle back in her eyes.