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The Most Beautiful Face In The World?


We've got a picture here of a woman who has the MOST BEAUTIFUL FACE in the world . . . mathematically, anyway. She's 18-year-old Florence Colgate of Kent, England, and she's a blonde-haired, blue-eyed student who works at a stand that sells French fries.  And she was picked from more than 8,000 candidates in a contest to find the PERFECT FACE.  Here's why she was chosen...Her face is almost perfectly symmetrical, which is a sign of beauty. The space between her pupils is just under half of the width of her face, which is supposed to be the perfect scientific ratio for attractiveness. And the distance between her eyes and mouth is about a third of the measurement from her hairline to her chin . . . again, that's supposedly the ideal ratio for a beautiful face. And looking at her photo, she IS beautiful . . . especially considering she's not wearing much makeup and she's had no work done.  But does she have the most beautiful face in the world?