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Iranians love Toby Keith!!!


Someone Wore a Toby Keith "God Bless America" T-shirt While Voting in Iran's Election

I have a feeling TOBY KEITH is LOVING this. Some guy showed up to vote in Iran's election on Friday wearing a T-shirt that read, "God Bless America / Toby Keith / Pre-Concert Party / October 8, 2004."

--The shirt also had a big, beautiful American flag on it. (--Here's a photo.) (The Atlantic)

--It's no stretch to say the dude was taking his life into his own hands because, well, we're enemies . . . and Iran isn't exactly a permissive society.

--And then there's the whole thing about them trying to build a nuclear weapon . . . and us warning them over and over to stop.

--On Friday, the very day that dude wore the Toby T-shirt, PRESIDENT OBAMA said in "Atlantic" magazine that America is, quote, "Not taking any option off the table" regarding Iran's nukes.