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Dangerous Night Time Tornado Video


Texas Storm Chasers' Connor McCrorey chased the beginning of a difficult and deadly tornado outbreak. While the majority of this event will be remembered for the Alabama tornadoes, the event actually began further west in Arkansas. Discrete supercells didn't fire until 6 PM, well after sunset, across Central and Southern Arkansas. It wasn't until around 7 PM when Connor approached a tornado-warned supercell. Around the time the cell approached De Witt, the mesocyclone intensified and a fairly sizable tornado was produced. Because of the difficult chase conditions (night time and hills/trees of Arkansas), getting good video was difficult.

This may not be your classic, up close tornado footage, but this does show what it's really like to chase storms in Dixie Alley and why it can be so dangerous. Since the tornado was only being illuminated by power flashes, this video contains several slow-motion scenes to make it easier to identify the tornado.

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