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   ·  Taylor Swift "Shake it Off", Her new...pop song!?
   ·  Keith Urban invited this couple to do what?
   ·  Jake Owen - Beachin' Video
   ·  Lady Antebellum's "Bartender" video
   ·  "Something Bad" Miranda Lambert/ Carrie Underwood
   ·  Kenny Chesney - American Kids
   ·  Florida Georgia Line - Dirt
   ·  Randy Houser - Like a Cowboy
   ·  Highway Don't Care - Video
   ·  Eli Young Band's "Drunk Last Night" Video Premiere
   ·  Carrie And Brooklyn Sing!
   ·  Just A Sip - Luke Bryan
   ·  Changed
   ·  Kix Brooks New "Bring It On Home" Video
   ·  Taylor Swift - Begin Again (Video)
   ·  Luke Bryan - The National Anthem
   ·  Carrie's Blown Away Video!
   ·  Robo-Redneck! ZBB The Wind
   ·  Blake is a Sesame Street Puppet!
   ·  Stars Cover PONTOON! FUNNY
   ·  Another GREAT Soldier Surprise
   ·  Keith covers Miranda's Fastest
   ·  Kellie Pickler's Tour Bus Glam!
   ·  A Baby Girl Sings Baby Girl with Sugarland (okay, she's 11)
   ·  Carrie Underwood with PS22
   ·  Blake Sheton & Miranda Lambert @ Shoreline Ampitheatre performing "Honey Bee"
   ·  Carrie's Smallest Fan
   ·  Fly Over States - Jason Aldean Video
   ·  Luke Bryan-Drunk On You (Cont. video)
   ·  Rascal Flatts BANJO
   ·  Miranda's New Video OVER YOU
   ·  Dangerous Night Time Tornado Video
   ·  Matthew's Day Off - Extended Version
   ·  Flash Fans Cheer Teams Not Expecting It!!
   ·  Shania & Lionel! Endless Love!
   ·  Lauren Gray Continues On!
   ·  Siri Says Vote For David Nail
   ·  Keith Urban - You Gonna Fly (Video)
   ·  Lauren Alaina and Dierks Bentley "Always On My Mind"
   ·  Taylor & Taylor - Wow, Just Amazing!
   ·  Taylor Is "Frumpy" In Video
   ·  Blake Shelton & Kelly Clarkson Sing Together
   ·  Blake Shelton Being Sexy!
   ·  Lee Brice NEW VIDEO
   ·  Jason Aldean & Kid Rock - COWBOY!
   ·  Blake Shelton's New Career
   ·  Lauren Alaina's "Like My Mother Does" video
   ·  Lady A On SNL
   ·  "The Stupidest Song"-Toby Keith
   ·  Brad Paisley's DUI Video ;)
   ·  Fat Bottomed Girls - The Band Perry
   ·  Keith Urban - Long Hot Summer (video)
   ·  Blake & Miranda New Music Announcement!
   ·  Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney - Big Star!
   ·  Taylor & Tim (Just To See You Smile)
   ·  Taylor Swift has an upskirt accident!
   ·  Ronnie Dunn with Taylor Swift - Bleed Red
   ·  Joe Nichols - Take It Off
   ·  Brad Paisley - Not a Hogs Fan (updated 8/12)
   ·  Scotty McCreery - Video
   ·  Lady A Goofs on Jason Aldean (helped by Colt Ford)
   ·  Taylor Swift - Cowboy Take Me Away
   ·  Steve Holy - Love Don't Run
   ·  Hell On Heels - Pistol Annies
   ·  Lady A - Just A Kiss - Video
   ·  Knee Deep - Zac Brown Video
   ·  Amazing Video from Alabama Tornadoes
   ·  Thompson Square - I Got You (Video)
   ·  Blake Shelton - Honey Bee Video
   ·  Trace Adkins - Just Fishin' VIDEO
   ·  KFIN's ACM Awards VIDEO!
   ·  Gaga Goes Country?!?!?
   ·  Keith Urban In The Shower!
   ·  Like A Prayer - Sugarland & LBT!
   ·  Sugarland Preps For American Idol
   ·  You watched him! Now see Blake Shelton behind the scenes!
   ·  Dylan Galloway Touchdown Video!
   ·  Taylor Swift - Mine (Video)
   ·  Dierks Bentley on Jimmy Kimmel's Laptop!
   ·  Luke Bryan Video
   ·  Nashville Floods
   ·  Sugarland sings Red Dirt Road for B&D
   ·  KFIN's Music Video Tribute For Memorial Day
   ·  The Band Perry - Hip To My Heart
   ·  Brad Paisley - Face PLANT!
   ·  Kenny & His Grandma
   ·  You Didn't See Me - Video (please watch and share)
   ·  The House That Built Me - Behind the scenes
   ·  The House That Built Me - Video
   ·  A Hug from Taylor Swift
   ·  Carrie Underwood Super Sound Check
   ·  Camouflage And Christmas Lights - Video
   ·  Justin Moore Video - Backwoods!
   ·  Taylor Swift on SNL!
   ·  David Nail in the KFIN Studios
   ·  Taylor Swift "Kisses" Keith Urban!
   ·  David Nail on CMT & at KFIN!
   ·  Taylor Drops Her Grammy!
   ·  Little White Church - LBT Video!
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   ·  Mitch Mahan
     ·  Artist Profile - Sam Hunt
     ·  Home Sweet Home - Justin Moore ft. Vince Neil
     ·  "How 'bout I cook us dinner tonight"
     ·  2014 ACM Award Nominees!
     ·  Red Wolves Rising - The New Football Facility
     ·  Roseanne Cash Takes A Trip To Dyess
     ·  The Sweetest Santa Letter Ever!
     ·  Little Girl Steals Luke Bryan's Show
     ·  Zac Brown Invites 5th Grader Play Piano ON STAGE!
     ·  Taylor Kicks &*%
     ·  If You Don't Already Love Taylor Swift - Read This
     ·  The LAPD Isn't So Tough!
     ·  The Saddest Cardinals Fan
     ·  Brad Paisley Carrie Underwood - Gangnam Style
     ·  Luke Bryan - Jason Aldean - WIFFLE BALL!
     ·  The Best Thing You'll Read/See All Week!
     ·  Tim McGraw - Comic Book Hero!
     ·  Thanks For The Tweet!
     ·  Blake Shelton's Sexy Photo Shoot
     ·  The Video Jimmy Hart Does Not Want You To See!
     ·  The 4 Fingered Pianist!
     ·  Chad Warrix at KFIN!
     ·  Etta James Covers Little Big Town
     ·  Don't Drink (too much) & Aldean!
     ·  The Possum & The Dierks!
     ·  Spectacular Fails! This One You've Got To See!
     ·  Bellagio Style Water Show from Kids!
     ·  ARRESTED Development? Streaker at ASU Game
     ·  Jason Aldean Corn Maze!
     ·  Tom Selleck's Moustache (The Movie)
     ·  Fan On Stage With Keith Urban
     ·  Carrie Underwood & Hubby Think You're Beautiful
     ·  Listen To This Crowd Sing!
     ·  Miranda Lambert Was Engaged Before Blake!
     ·  George Strait's New Country Club!
     ·  Meet Glen Templeton!
     ·  Brad Paisley's Son Loves Carrie U
     ·  Our Very Own FAIL!
     ·  The Best Way To Confuse An Idiot!
     ·  Carrie Underwood's Idol Audition
     ·  My New Favorite Video (TZB & AJ)
     ·  I Wish I Was This Smart - Country Haiku
     ·  Mooning Amtrak!
     ·  Why Can't We Do This In Arkansas!
     ·  Lady A - Acoustic Dressing Room!
     ·  Rules For Dating My Daughter
     ·  Application for dating my daughter
     ·  Jason Aldean Shows Off His Wranglers!
     ·  Cool Eric Church - Springsteen Photos
     ·  Ninja Baby! (This Is AWESOME)
     ·  How Great Are These Cheerleaders?
     ·  Every Fan's Girlfriend: NFL
     ·  Tim McGraw Helps First Responders!
   ·  KFIN Morning Show
     ·  KFIN K-Nines for the week of 08/18/14
     ·  Trent Tomlinson w/ Dingo!
     ·  Is This An Angel At Work?
     ·  Jason Aldean's "Night Train" Video Premiere
     ·  Miranda Lambert's "All Kinds Of Kinds" Video Premiere
     ·  Kelly Clarkson's Video Premiere of "Tie It Up"
     ·  Craig Morgan's "Wake Up Lovin You" Video Premiere
     ·  Ronnie Dunn's New Nashville Home
     ·  Vote For The Billboard Music's "Milestone Award"
       ·  Kenny Chesney Performs "Pirate Flag" on the Ellen Show
     ·  James Wesley's "Thank a Farmer" Lyric Video
     ·  Winning "Anti-Bullying" Campaign From Wynne High School
     ·  More "Anti-Bullying" Campaigns From Local Schools
     ·  Lady A Talks About Their New Album "Golden"
     ·  Hunter Hayes "I Want Crazy" Video Premier
     ·  Vote Here For The CMT Music Awards
     ·  Keith Urban's "Little Bit Of Everything" Video Premiere
     ·  Memorable George Jones ACM Moments
     ·  Miracle League "Miracle League Day" restaurant locations
       ·  Joe Diffie's New Song "Girl Ridin'Shotgun" Video
     ·  Josh Turner Helps Autistic Boy Realize His Dream
     ·  Best Save Ever!! (kid loses cymbal during concert)
     ·  Little Big Town Performs "The Chain"
     ·  Lady A Performs "Goodbye Town"
     ·  Ronnie Dunn's "CMT Rooftop Concert"
     ·  American Idol's Kree Harrison MAkes Her Opry Debut With Keith Urban
     ·  Luke Bryan's "Crash My Party" Video Premiere
     ·  George Jones' "Special Gravesite Visitor"
     ·  Chris Young's "Aw Naw" Video Premiere
     ·  The Henningsens
     ·  Billy Currington's "Hey Girl" Video
     ·  Kellie Pickler's "Someone Somewhere Tonight" Video Premiere
     ·  Taylor Swift's "Red" Video Premiere
     ·  Travis Tritt w/Daughter Tyler "Sometimes Love Aint Easy" Video
     ·  Thank You Video From 3 Kidnapped Ohio Girls
     ·  Doctors Discuss Randy Travis' Medical Condition
     ·  David Nail's "Whatever She's Got" Video Premiere
     ·  Jana Kramer's "I Hope It Rains" Video Premiere
     ·  Cassadee Pope's "Wasting All These Tears" Video Premiere
     ·  Kenny Chesney's "When I See This Bar" Video Premiere
     ·  Tim McGraw's "Southern Girl" Video Premiere
     ·  Tax Free Weekend Details
     ·  2013 Ram 1500 Truck Winner From Bayird DCJ&R And KFIN
     ·  Rascal Flatts "Changed" Video
     ·  University Heights Lions Club Car Show!
     ·  TNA Impact Wrestling has come to Country Music!
     ·  A Day in the Life of Blake Shelton
     ·  ASU Commercial Featuring Matt Stolz Home
     ·  Taylor Swift's "Diet Coke" Commercial
     ·  Brad Paisley's "Beat This Summer" Video
     ·  Kacey Musgraves "Behind The Session" Video
     ·  Kristal Keith's "Daddy Dance With Me" Video (yes it's Toby's daughter)
     ·  Inspiring Rendition of Our National Anthem by a 16 Year Old Blind Girl
     ·  Dog Throws A Temper Tantrum To Watch TV On Couch (hilarious)
     ·  Women, Remember You're More Beautiful Than You Think. Here's Proof.
     ·  Band Perry Interview
     ·  Randy Houser's "Runnin Out Of Moonlight" Lyric Video
     ·  The Civil Wars & T-Bone Bernett's "Long Time Gone" Video
     ·  Lady A's "Downtown" Video Premier
     ·  Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart" Video
     ·  Jason Aldean's Video Premier of "1994"
     ·  Florida Georgia Line's "Get You Shine On" Video
     ·  Jerrod Neimann's "Only God Could Love you More" Video
     ·  Eli Young Band's "Life At Best" Video
     ·  The Henningsen's "American Beautiful" Video
     ·  Luke Bryan's "Buzz Kill" Video
     ·  Blake Shelton's "New Kid In Town" Video
     ·  Hunter Hayes' "Somebody's Heartbreak" Video
     ·  Tim Mcgraw's "One Of Those Nights" Video
     ·  LeAnn Rimes' "Barrowed" Video
     ·  Brad Paisley's "Ballad Of Honey Boo Boo"
     ·  Gary Allan's "Every Storm" Video
     ·  Sunny Sweeny "Click In The Box" Video For ACM New Artist Of The Year
     ·  Carrie Underwood's "Two Black Cadillacs" Video
     ·  Josh Turner's "Find Me A Baby" Video
     ·  Lady A With Eric Stonestreet and the Behind The Scenes "Downtown" Video
     ·  How To Eat Chicken Wings The Right Way(interesting)
     ·  Superbowl Commercials
     ·  Brantley Gilbert's "More Than Miles" Video
     ·  Kenny Chesney's "Pirate Flag" Video
     ·  Blake Shelton's "Sure Be Cool If You Did" Video
     ·  Check Out The ACM Nominations Here
     ·  Eric Church's "Like Jesus Does" Video
     ·  John Anderson & Colt Ford "Swingin" Video
     ·  The Hot New Craze This Summer. (this looks awesome)
     ·  Saturday's "Nationwide Series" crash at Daytona!
     ·  Taylor Swift's "Knew You Were Trouble" Video
     ·  Links To Help Newton Conn.
     ·  Hayden Panettiere's "Telescope" Video
     ·  Love and Theft's "Runnin' Out Of Air"
     ·  Eli Young Band's "I'll Be Home For Christmas" Video
     ·  Carrie Underwood On Stage With 5th Graders
     ·  Gary Allan's "Every Storm" Video
     ·  Florida Georgia Line and Love & Theft Prank Jake Owen
     ·  Gangnam Style (Farmer Style) Cool!
     ·  November 2012 "Fail" Videos (Hilarious)
       ·  Brad Paisely's "Southern Comfort Zone" Video
       ·  Ray Stevens "Blue Christmas" Video (funny)
     ·  Hunter Hayes "Somebody's Heartbreak" Video
     ·  Winter Home Safety Tips
     ·  Zac Brown Band "Goodbye In Her Eyes" Video
     ·  Lee Brice's "I Drive Your Truck" Video
     ·  Dierks Bentley's "Tip It On Back" Video
     ·  Soldier Surprises His Family On The Field At A South Carolina Game!
     ·  Sky Dive From Space Video
     ·  Blake Shelton's Favorite Peanut Butter Pie Recipe
     ·  Denver Is Officially Guilty
     ·  Brad Pitt's "Chanel No 5" Commercial. What the...?
     ·  Top 10 Horror Movies
     ·  Girl With Autism Performs "Firwork" With Katy Perry (awesome vid)
     ·  Anderson Cooper Before He Went Grey
     ·  Tom Hanks "Slam Poetry" for Full House
     ·  A Little Girl Tired Of The Election Coverage(cute)
     ·  And Now...Keith Urban In A Speedo...(you're welcome ladies)
     ·  Arkansas Election Results
     ·  Little Big Town's "Tornado" Video
     ·  Faith Hill's "American Heart" Video
     ·  Couple Proposes At Carrie Underwood Concert
     ·  Free Music Downloads From People Country
     ·  UFO's Over Denver? You Decide!
     ·  Hayden Panettiere Scares Michael Strahan! (hilarious)
     ·  Craig Campbell's "Out Of My Head" Video
     ·  Hunter Hayes at 4 Years Old
     ·  Sgt Larry Rogers...A YouTube Sensation!
     ·  Why Hunger Charity Auction
     ·  Kristen Kelly's "He Loves To Make Me Cry" Video
     ·  Gloriana's "Can't Shake You" Video
     ·  Dustin Lynch's "She Cranks My Tractor" Video
     ·  World's Biggest Pile Of Leaves
     ·  U.S. Olympic Team's Opening Ceremony Uniforms
     ·  Luke Bryan Singing the National Anthem
     ·  Pistol Annies "Takin' Pills" Video
     ·  Ultimate Bellie Flop Fails (hilarious)
     ·  "Pee Wee Rises" The Dark Knight Trailer
     ·  Tim McGraw Wins The Buff Contest
     ·  This Summer's Hottest Beach Fashion
     ·  Is This Guy Really Country?
     ·  Kellie Pickler Honors The USO in Maxim
     ·  Aly Raisman's Parents Reacting To Her Routine (hilarious)
     ·  A Man's Dying Wish..."A $500 Tip"
     ·  People Falling Down (hilarious)
     ·  Sara Evans Without Make-up...Yes ro No
       ·  Scotty McCreery Does Garth's "The Dance" At The Opry
     ·  Willie Nelson On Johnny Cash
     ·  Willie Nelson & Sheryl Crow Sing Johnny Cash's "If I were A Carpenter"
     ·  "Making Of" Video for Rascal Flatts "Come Wake Me Up"
     ·  11 year old performs Loretta Lynn!
     ·  Randy Travis' Mug Shot
     ·  Being Shot With 21,000 Paintballs
     ·  Blake Shelton As A Sesame Street Puppet
     ·  Behind The Scenes with Jason Aldean's "Take A Little Ride" Video
     ·  Justin Moore's "Til My Last Day" Video
     ·  Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away" Video
     ·  Jason Aldean's "Take A Little Ride" Video
     ·  Scotty McCreery Takes A Fall
     ·  Top 100 Evil Movie Laughs
     ·  People Fainting in Public (hilarious)
     ·  Kristen Kelly's "Ex Old Man" Video
     ·  Taylor's "Never Getting Back Together" Lyric Video
     ·  We're NASA And We Know It Video! (funny)
     ·  Jon Pardi's "Missing You Crazy" Video
     ·  Taylor Swift's "Never Getting Back Together" Video
     ·  Maggie Rose's "I Aint Your Momma" Video
     ·  Video Proof That Tim & Faith Are Still In Love
     ·  Rodney Atkins' "Just Want To Rock n Roll" Video
     ·  Kellie Pickler Shaves Her Head
     ·  Randy Houser's "How Country Feels" Video
     ·  Tom Hanks At A Funeral
     ·  Sneak Peek of Tim Mcgraw's "Truck Yeah" Video
     ·  Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Record Your Phone Message
     ·  Brad and Carrie's Promo For The CMA's
     ·  Ever Seen A Tornado On Fire?
     ·  Remember When Cell Phones Were A Little Bigger? (awesome old commercial)
     ·  Toby Reunites A Soldier And His Wife At Concert
     ·  Pig Saves Drowning Baby Goat (cool)
     ·  Video Proof Lynyrd Skynyrd Is Still Alive (new video)
     ·  Carrie Underwood Kisses a 12 Year Old Kid on Stage
     ·  Casey James Sings With His Mom
     ·  And Now...A "Replacement" Weatherman
     ·  Aldean With Another Country Girl?
     ·  Eric Church's "Creepin" Video
     ·  Kip Moore's "Beer Money" Video
     ·  Lady A Behind The Scenes on "Wanted You More" Video
     ·  Scotty McCreery's "Water Tower Town" Video
     ·  Lauren Alaina's "18 Inches" Studio Video
     ·  Lady Antebellum's "Wanted You More" Video
     ·  Tom Cruise's "Couch Moment" on Oprah
     ·  Chris Young's "Neon" Video
     ·  Lee Brice's "Hard To Love" Video
     ·  Jerrod Niemann's "Shinin' On Me" Video
     ·  Brad Paisley and Friends in 3D
     ·  Motorcycle Built From Broken Down Car
     ·  Best Homerun Stealing Baseball Catch in History!
     ·  Big & Rich's "That's Why I Pray" Video
     ·  Dierks Bentley Does Adele's "Set Fire To The Rain"
     ·  Dierks Bentley Goes To Battle With Navy Seals
     ·  The Best Mustache in Country Music?
     ·  Inspirational Video (boy with cerebral palsy runs race)
     ·  The Band Perry's "Post Cards From Paris" Video
     ·  Nosh-ing in Nashville!
     ·  Pizza From a Vending Machine?
     ·  Glenn Campbell's "A Better Place" Farwell Video To Fans
     ·  Brad Paisley & Joe Walsh on CMT's Crossroads
     ·  Ultimate Backyard Waterslide!!!
     ·  Toby Keith posing with US Troops during his USO Tour
     ·  George Jones' Message to Fans
     ·  Dog Leads Blind Dog!
     ·  Justin Moore's "Til My Last Day" Video
     ·  Carrie Underwood "Blows Away" American Idol (video)
     ·  Jake Owen in Handcuffs!
     ·  Zac Brown Band's "No Hurry" Video
     ·  55 Year Old Grand Mother Tries Out For Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
     ·  Jake Owen Wedding Pic
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